10 best Dussehra gift ideas for your loved ones 2022


10 best Dussehra gift ideas for your loved ones 2023

 Dussehra is the most awaited festival to be celebrated throughout India. Enjoy Dussehra with everyone, and present a gift to your beloved ones to make the day memorable. Here, some handpicked ideas of gifting are mentioned, commence a new trend of giving from this upcoming Dussehra festival. You may also use these Dussehra gift ideas as return gifts.

Personalized T-shirt

The use of personalized T-shirts is increased nowadays as a medium of spreading awareness of a particular campaign. Dussehra is also exceptional in the life of Indians, and wearing a customized shirt in Dussehra enhances the glory of the celebration. You can choose any colour for the shirt according to the likings of your friends and can incorporate the custom design of Dussehra in the shirt. Gifting such Dussehra personalized T-shirts on the day of Dussehra enhances the magnificence of the celebration. This gift is available on various online customized shirt printing sites. Its cost varies as per the quality and design of the shirt.

Face mask

The pandemic situation is still not over. We should celebrate Dussehra by obeying proper Covid guidelines after the Covid-19 pandemic face masks covered a series of modifications in the last few months. Several fancy and personalized face masks are available now and have become a symbol of fashion as well. You can choose a gorgeous dussehra personalized face mask online as the best dussehra gifts. This will show your caring mentality towards your loved ones and protect them as well. Its price ranges from Rs. 150 with the best quality.


In recent days, cushions are also added to the list of Dussehra personalized gifts, and you can print your memorable events on the cushion. Online cushion printing sites offer a ready-made catalogue of cushions for gift purposes. They also keep options for printing your personalized designs on cushions. Such a gift varies from Rs 260 to 2000 as per the size and configuration of cushions. Gifting personalized cushions will create memory in the home and makes the recipient happy.

Fruit basket

Fruit baskets are considered an ideal gift for friends and families. This is a symbol of your heartfelt wishes towards your beloved ones. Such fruit baskets are available on online sites and in local stores as well. Some fruit baskets are combined with dried items, crackers, and chocolates. The recipient of this gift will feel happy as fruits are delicious and suitable for human health.


Chocolate is a symbol of passion, love, friendship, and care. Gifting chocolate carries a symbolic meaning of love and wishing happy life. These gifts are a mark of memorable moments and fun. This gift helps to soothe the soul and cheers our hearts. You will get a great smile back from your loved ones after gifting chocolate to them. The beautiful packaging of chocolate hampers wins the heart of people at first look. Chochlates are one of the best Dussehra personalized baby gift, you can give. You can present several kinds of chocolates like Rose & mint, Fruit N Nut & Roasted Almond, Mocha as per the liking of your friends and families. You can arrange this gift from online shops or local markets as well. The price of chocolate hampers varies from Rs. 100 to 1000 as per the quantity of the same.


If you are looking for online gifts for Dussehra 2023, you can stop searching now; we have a mind-blowing idea that is an audiobook. Ramayana audiobook is the most visited e-book in present days. Many people are interested in going through the stories of Ramayana but cannot manage this due to busy life. Ramayana audiobook covers the original version of Ramayana written by Valmiki within around 3 hours. This knowledgeable gift costs around Rs.400 and is available on audiobook platforms.

Curtain string lights

This light glows to the entire area where it is decorated with. These string lights consist of 12 stars and have 138 medium size lights to provide a festive glitter in the room. There are 8 different modes of lighting in this curtain string lights. You can vary the decoration by changing the modes of light. These modes are so developed that they can be suited with any festive season, and you can use them in-home parties. An additional two-meter long wire is provided with the light set to cover any corner of the room quickly. This is available on online shopping sites and costs around 700 to 1000 rupees as per the brands.

The idol of Shri Ram

You can present a beautiful and coloured Shri Ram idol to your friends and other family members. Possessing model of Shri Ram made with while metals are considered to be auspicious. Your friends can decorate their living rooms or place them in the temple for worship with this idol. You can collect these art pieces from the best online shopping platforms or online gift sites, and it costs around 500 to 1000 rupees.


Pendant is the best dussehra gift for wife. You can gift a pendant of gold and diamond inscribed with the name of Lord Ram. An 18-carat gold pendant costs nearly twenty thousand, and you can order this from several online jewelry stores. Wearing such a pendant brings good luck; offering best wishes with such an auspicious gift strengthens the bond between you and your friends.

Gold coin

Presenting metallic items and poses the same is considered auspicious on the day of Dussehra. You can gift a 5-gram gold coin crafted with the idol of Shri Ram. This coin costs approximately twenty thousand and will be 24KT in purity. The recipient will get awestruck by opening this golden gift. The entire family will admire this gift and will adore the same.  


On the auspicious day of Dussehra, Hindus visit their relatives and friends to wish for healthy beings and exchange Dussehra gifts. Gifting unique items draw everyone's attention; here, we mentioned quirky gift ideas, which are also economical in price. Pick a Dussehra gift idea from this article, and enjoy this the occasion with your beloved ones. Happy gifting!