Celebrate this Dussehra with some Personalized Gifts

So, the festive season has already started and now it’s time for Dussehra. Dussehera is a ten days nine nights long hindu festival. It is celebrated to recall the victory of goodness over evil such as victory of Rama over Ravan and victory of Durga over Mahishasur. Dussehera is one of the major indian festival mostly celebrated by hindu community. Celebrated on the tenth day of hindu calendar month of Ashvin, Dussehera also marks the end of Navratri festivities.

What message does Dussehra send?:

The festival of Dussehera also known as Vijyadashmi, gives us the message that in battle of right and wrong, righteousness always comes as a winner.


Dussehera Celebration:

Dussehra is a colorful and vibrant festival and celebrated almost all across India in different forms. In South, East and Northeast parts of India it is known as Durga Pooja.

In north india it is celebrated to recall victory of Lord Ram over Ravan. Before Dussehra there are navratris for nine days, so many small and big fairs are being organized. The temples, market, shops are decorated and lighted. ‘’Ramleela’’ the story of Lord Ram’s life is being staged at various places, and people go to watch it. Finally on the day of Dussehra effigies of Ravan, Kumbkaran and Meghnath are burnt. Burning of effigies is the symbol of burning evil.

Conclusion: The festival of dussehra is celebrated in the memory of victory of goodness over evil. It tells us to burn all the evils inside us and shows us the path of goodness.


What is special for you on this Dussehra?

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