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You should give return gifts to guests so that they have something in their house with your name on it.

1) Thank you for coming to our wedding! We would've never made it without your support. Many even try to postpone their vacation so that they can attend the wedding. Others take leave from their individual offices, and the kids take leave from their schools. Hence, you can present their gifts to express your token of love and gratitude towards them.
It's important to show gratitude to guests and say thanks for making the effort of coming all the way. You can make them feel special by going the extra mile and preparing a personalized dinner for them. Saying thanks is an important part of hospitality!
2) When they see your gift, they will instantly remember the awesome memories from your big day. You can add a personalized touch too by including your family name, couple name or even a thank you card. Many people are invited to weddings. Usually, they are relatives, friends, work colleagues and more. But presenting a sincere return gift to the couple will make this event even more memorable and joyful.
One of the best things about a guestbook is that it allows you to give every person who attends your wedding something to take home with them. It will always remind them of their time in your company and what special moments they shared with you on that day.
3) Getting a gift for your Valentine is a great way to show them that you care. The gift will be something they'll remember forever, which means you'll have a greater bond with them.
4) A great end to a special day: if the end of the day goes well then all of it is considered