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Looking for Gifts to Savour your Sibling Bond?

One of the best things about Indian culture is that every single relationship has its own festive celebrations! Spouses, Parents, Grandparents, Pets, and siblings. Oh! How we love to annoy them with all our power or steal their leftovers or favourite items and watch them seethe in rage or just crack jokes because it's fun. For brothers and sisters, the dynamic turns even funnier and weirder. This ever-competitive, funny, perplexed yet full of love, unforgettable memories, and a buddy-for-life relationship can only be seen among brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is the perfect explanation of why such relationships must be prized and celebrated. 

Raksha Bandhan literally translates to "Protective Bond"! Of course, many of us know how the festival goes. Sisters tie a rakhi for their brothers promising to love and protect them for life, while brothers gift them with sweets or other items and promise to return the same and protect their beloved sister for life. However, this beautiful festival has been hampered by the current pandemic as several brothers and sisters have been separated in different parts of the country. 

We at Rightgifting understand your pain, we understand how awful it must be to be away from your brother or sister during this time or not being able to find the appropriate gifts for them. And therefore, we have taken the role of Superman and have come straight here to help you not miss out on this wonderful festival. We have made sure that despite all odds, this year it's Raksha Bandhan, your way. We got you covered.

A Raksha Bandhan-Special Face Mask

rakhi Mask

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic still continues to rage and we know that the No.1 rule of preventing yourself from the pandemic is a mask. Well, since we love gifting our siblings some wonderful products, how about a mask? They are extremely safe, incredibly designed, and do you know what's the best part? You can customize and personalise them to make them the perfect gift and protection weapon ever!! Looks like your sibling's in for a treat as they will not only stay protected by the pandemic at all times but will also remember you, every time they slip on their mask.

Doesn't feel enough? Well, we have some unique rakhi gifts for brothers and sisters! 

Personalised Rakhi for All


We have a personalised rakhi option for gifting your brother (or sister). You get to personalise your own rakhi from our select options and make this symbolic thread with your own efforts and love! How hard is that? Well, we have made it incredibly easy for you! Head to our website and choose the select options given as per your taste, see your rakhi get created virtually and then BAM! At your doorstep will be your personalised rakhi delivered either straight to your house or to your brother's house. Nothing's better than gifting a rakhi to them that will have essences and flavours of you inscribed in it! 

Make your Rakhi!

Maybe, you feel this isn't enough. You want to be more creative, you want to have your role in creating the rakhi. You want to build your rakhi from scratch! Guess what? For creative minds like you, we can now help you customise and build your own rakhi from the very first step! 

Just like the previous one, you head to our website and select from among the various options, the required design, colour, additions and combinations to see your rakhi come to life virtually, once you are satisfied with how your rakhi looks, hit the option to place your order and watch how your sibling will not be disappointed by how wonderfully curated your rakhi is with your creative and selective mind and with our finest materials. Disappointment doesn't exist in our world! 

What about a Personalised Earphone Pouch?

rakhi earphone pouch

We know how essential music is in our lives! We cannot imagine a day without music and nothing else beats a wonderful experience than your own curated playlist and your pair of earphones plugged into the max. How else can one upgrade this experience? With a personalised earphone pouch! This Raksha Bandhan, let's take it up a notch as you get yourself a lovely personalised earphone pouch! You can select from the various designs on our website and gift your brother or sister with a lovely personalized pouch to store their music buddies in! Now you can enjoy the ultimate listening experience and your earphones will whisper a little "Thank you!"

Personalised T-shirts for Brothers and Sisters

rakhi t-shirt

Looks like the party is not over yet as we have another product lining up that will amplify and enhance your Rakhsha Bandhan this year! We see it all over social media and we know how we love to be cheesy sometimes. Well, looks like brothers and sisters can seize this opportunity and create for themselves some personalised T-shirts! Got an inside joke that needs to be revived, a lovely message for your sibling or simply an amazing design that is solely unique to you both? How about you go through our various options and send your sibling a lovely t-shirt solely unique to you both! Maybe when you meet the next time, you'd be the most unique tag team of brother and sister with all your personalised gifts! 

A Personalised Scroll Can Do Wonders

scroll for rakhi

Maybe, just maybe your sibling loves literature and prizes handwritten letters and notes. Well, why not immortalise it and create your personalised scroll for Raksha Bandhan?!  Just like every product we've selected, we have made it easy for you to select your message and choose from an array of designs to create the perfect scroll to slide in for your sibling this Raksha Bandhan. Your sibling will be sure to have a smile on their face and tears lining their eyes as they read out the thoughtful message and words which reminds them of all the times they've spent with you. Maybe an inside joke to keep the humour alive and give them a cheeky laugh? 

Wall Hanger for the Win!

wall hanger for rakhi

Or maybe your sibling is in love with walls and designing them. If your sibling is guilty of having cheesy wall stickers, dreamcatchers and designs, then we're sure they'd love to prize a space on their walls for our wonderfully personalized wall hangers. Just head onto the site, select your preferred options, colours and designs, place the order and watch your sibling's eyes light up as they receive a wonderful wall hanger that will complement their personality and love extremely well. A wall hanger is a must for anyone who loves decorating their walls and having one which highlights the wonderful relationship between your sibling and you will surely be one of the gifts they'll be completely attached to.

Does it end here? Not at all, as we have several other products to choose from today! However, we believe that these will be the best gifts and experiences for your Raksha Bandhan this year! Now for the best part, we're available all over India! No brother or sister will be devoid of having a unique and personalised experience as we deliver all over India like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc and we additionally have a one day delivery in Bangalore! How fun! We've covered the whole nation. So don't hold back and order away! We'd love to see you create amazing memories with your brother or your sister and not let the pandemic ruin your experience. For all we know, that nothing can ever explain the love and bond between a brother and sister and its celebration shouldn't ever be downplayed. Happy shopping and celebrating!