The Art Of Personalised Gifting

The Art Of Personalised Gifting

The practice of Gifting has been followed since the beginning of our civilisation.  It displays love, affection, gratitude and appreciation towards the people you value in your life. A thoughtful gift creates memories of a lifetime and leaves a lasting impression on the receiver of the gift.

The act of gifting not just involves the transfer of an object from person A to person B, but it involves a deep understanding of the recipient's values, personality and preferences. This understanding and knowledge help in having a unique gift and experience. Personalising a product adds value to the gifting experience and makes the difference between just another gift/product to a special gift from someone who cares.

Gifting someone with a personal touch need not always be a product or anything materialistic, but to create that experience that holds on for a long long time.

Gifting someone special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings are all expected and do not really possess the element of surprise or aww. Gifting someone on just any day can make the experience more special.

Lastly, the way you present the gift matters, some go with full-blown experience and some would like to keep it subtle. To each of his/her own, what matters is how thoughtful you are with the presentation, something as simple as wrapping the gift and placing hand written note/card can go a long way.

In conclusion, the art of gifting is all about the “THOUGHT” and the “EFFORT” that we put into our gifts. The perfect gift is not just a product itself its a sentiment, an emotion conveyed via an object. These simple things can build and strengthen relationships. 

Next time you think of gifting someone, make sure you understand what is their personality like and add a personal touch to make the experience truly special.