Gifts? It gives a different feeling of happiness to us. Right? We all have a kid inside us. We all get amazed while ripping up the packing of the gift. It is custom on different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, bachelor party, anniversary, baby shower or any other occasion.

When we don’t pay for it and receive something in the form of love, gratitude or respect it is termed as Gifts.

Gifts serve the reflection of your personality. It reflects the nature of the person. One should be very choosy in selecting the right gifts from the multiple gifting options available. Selecting such gifts which we will not like if we receive will just make your all efforts to gift in vain. Your money will be wasted. The mantra is quite simple Don’t gift something, which you would not like to be received. Gifts should be decided to keep in mind the occasions.

It is not compulsory to give return gifts, but it adds your special charm and uniqueness. Marriage is a one time occasion in your life. Many guests appear in the joy of your celebrations. All the people gather and shower the newlywed couple with lots of blessings. To show the guest, appreciation, and respect for joining the celebrations, we select the method of return gifts. It a token of love which the guests receive from us in return.

Life is rushing very fast and we don’t have much time to waste on every small part of our wedding. It’s better to set your mind and select us for your bulk order, buy from a single place and within less time as we have all the options at one place for you. Just put some thoughts in your return gifts.

In an earlier time, while thinking of marriage return gifts india, we were only considering the family relatives and the closed ones, nowadays it has taken an expansive form and from friends to business relations, all the persons come under the same umbrella for return gifts.

Marriage already includes a lot of expenses as you already arrange the best food for your guests. Make sure the budget stays in place, the gifts should not be overly expensive. Make sure that you made an extra count on return gifts to avoid the paucity of gifts in the end.

While selecting the gifts, one should make sure that it serves productivity. Unproductive gifts are not ideal. We have a lot of options for you to select from fertile as well as unusual gifts. I am providing you some of the ideas for Indian wedding return gifts which you can keep into consideration and select without wastage of time.


Cushions are part of everyone's house. They enhance the beauty of our home. We decorate them on our sofa, sitting corners or at the bed. Gifting cushion cover with the theme matching your wedding or with the picture of the couple and a thank you quote will look good and different.

Mobile stands

Customize the mobile stands with newlywed couple picture and the date of their wedding. Mobile stands are always a useful thing to have. It will be used by all. We have different shapes and sizes to select from. They are the best Indian wedding return gifts for guests.


Get the customization on t-shirts with us. Select a free size and you can do anything on that T-shirt. You can give it a look by adding a simple “Thank you” line. Or you can give all the guest, t-shirts with matching color theme of the wedding. For example, if your wedding theme is blue and white, you can gift your guests blue and white t-shirts.


Keychains helps to identify the keys. Key without a keychain has chances that it will be lost as the keys are not very big. After applying the keychain, chances of the keys to fall anywhere gets lessen. You can make a customized keychain as per your choice. You can keep a photo or you can write your family surname for eg, Thanks from Kapoor family. There are various styles and patterns to select.

Wall hanger

We are having an exclusive collection in wall hangers. We are having plain and printed ones. There are simple printed hangers to flowery printed ones in our collection. You can just gift them as it is or customizes as per your choice.

Just a few of the options are explained, while customization has no end. We have a lot of options for Indian wedding gift ideas for guests. You can do the customization for return gift ideas for marriage India by using your creativity and the sky is the limit.