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Custom made for you
Customize Laptop skins are printed in best quality material. You Can print own Name, Photo, Famous quotes and etc.

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Available Sizes 8inch, 10inch, 11.6inch, 13.3inch, 14inch, 15inch, 15.6inch, 17.3inch
Screen Size 8inch(8.6x5.9 wxh), 10inch(9.8x7.8 wxh), 11.6inch(11.7x8.5 wxh), 13.3inch(13.x9.5 wxh), 14inch(14.2x10.12 wxh), 15inch(15.7x11.6 wxh), 15.6inch(16.5x12 wxh), 17.3inch(17.7x12.7 wxh)
Height 5.9", 7.8", 8.5", 9.5", 10.l2", 11.6", 12", 12.7"
Suitable For Laptop
Width 8.6", 9.8", 11.7", 13", 14.2", 15.7", 16.5", 17.7"
Care Clean with dry tissue
Material Vinyl
laptop skin

You can remove it without leaving any gum or residue. Gives you and your laptop an awesome look & with your own designs. Protect your device from dirt, minor scratches & dullness.

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